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The “How To” in How To Wilderness is our focus on skills.  There are a wide variety of resource to help you find a trail, or a fishing spot, or a whitewater run.  Our focus here is on helping you to acquire the skills necessarily to engage in these activities with competence and confidence.


Our training is designed to be task-based.  The training learning objectives, the course chapters, and the review quizzes are all designed around very specific tasks.  The topics are performance-oriented.  Examples include how to:

  • Find your location on a map
  • Take a bearing with a compass
  • Hang a bear bag
  • Tie specific knots
  • Purify water

We hope you find these training courses engaging and informative.

Training Course Topic Areas

Quiz Yourself

If you are unsure what skills areas you should focus on, you may want to check out our review quizzes.

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