BSA Scout Skills


  • Tie a Square Knot, Two-Half Hitches and Taut line (4a)
  • Whip and Fuse a rope (4b)
Square Knot Two Half-Hitches
Taut-Line Hitch
Whip a Rope Fuse a Rope


  • Demonstrate Square Knot, Two-Half Hitches and Taut line (3abc)

Second Class

  • Prepare Tinder, Kindling, and Fuel (2b)
  • Build and light a campfire (2c)
  • Setup and light a lightweight stove (2d)
  • Tie a sheet bend (2f)
  • Tie a bowline (2g)
  • Compass basics, orient map, explain map symbols (3a)
  • Find directions during day and night (3d)
Fire Tepee Method Fire Log Cabin Method
Fire Lean-To Method Flint and Steel
Light Weight Stove
Sheet Bend Double Sheet Bend
Bowline French Bowline
Take a Compass Bearing Set a Compass Heading
Orient a Map Compass Influencer

First Class

  • Demonstrate Knots: timber hitch and clove hitch (3b)
  • Demonstrate Lashings: square, shear and diagonal (3c)
  • Demonstrate handheld GPS (4b)
Timber Hitch Clove Hitch
Clove Hitch Loop
Square Lashing Shear Lashing
Diagonal Lashing


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