Double Trouble

The objective of this simple game is to identify the intended pair of rhyming words, given nothing more than synonyms.


  • 1 Rhymer
  • 1 or more Solvers

Game Play:

The Rhymer thinks of two silly rhyming words.    As a clue, the Rhymer provides the Solvers a synonym for each word.  For example, if the Rhyemer’s words are:

  • silly-billy

The synonyms provided might be:

  • goofy-goat

Solver‘s then rack their brains to come up with two rhyming words that meet the descriptions.

Try to solve these examples before looking at the answers below.

  • rodent-dwelling
  • raptor-feces
  • child-trek
  • falsifying-pork
  • grape-burps

Don’t look.

Not yet.

Okay, ready now?


  • mouse-house
  • bird-turd
  • tyke-hike
  • fake’n-bacon
  • Welch’s-belches


The game ends when you reach your destination, or tire of this verse-felony.  Or should I say, rhyme-crime.

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