Backpacking Personal Gear Check List

To Wear to Outing Personal Eating
1 pr. Underwear 1 plastic mug (for hot liquids)
1 pr. Sock liners (non-cotton) 1 plastic bowl
 1 pr. Hiking socks (non-cotton) 1 spoon (Lexan)
1 pr. Hiking boots (broken in) 1 fork (Lexan)
1 pr. Hiking long pants (non-cotton) 1 wide mouth water bottle
1 Hiking Shirt (non-cotton)
1 Hat Ten (or so) Essentials
1 pr. Sunglasses Sunscreen
Small DEET insect repellent
 Backpack Basics Small Flash light or head light
1 Backpack (appropriate size) Map/Compass
1 Rain cover (plastic trash bag) Whistle
1 Sleeping bag (light weight <5 lbs) Pocket Knife
 1 Insulated pad Matches
 1 Hydration pack Personal First Aid Kit
Toiletries (TP, Toothbrush, etc)
Extra Cloths (in Freezer ZipLock Bags)
1 pr. Underwear Optional Gear
1 pr. Sock liners (non-cotton) Camera
1 pr. Hiking socks (non-cotton) Fishing Gear (backpacking)
1 shirt (non-cotton) Small Towel / Chammy
 1 long sleeve fleece
1 wind breaker (non-cotton) Room for Group Gear
 1 pr. Shorts/Swimsuit Tent to share
1 pr. Water shoes or Teva’s Food
1 pr. Long Underwear Top  (non-cotton) Equipment (pots, pans, stoves, pumps, etc)
1 pr. Long Underwear Bottom (non-cotton)

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